We manufacture our own aquariums, any shape or size you can think of.

They are made from new glass, not secondhand & are fully reinforced and braced correctly. We can confidently say that we make "the best Aquariums in Australia."

We offer an installation & maintenance service to our local customers.

Our standard sizes and shaped aquariums are kept in stock on the floor ready to take home all the time with or without furniture.

Some standard shapes are: Rectangular, Square, Corner, Round Octagonal, Half Octagonal, Long Octagonal and Hexagonals.

We also stock Coffee Table Aquariums, Picture Frame Aquariums and little feature aquariums such as model trucks, cottages and spheres. See our photos for more information.

Custom aquariums are our forte. We can make you any size or shape glass or acrylic aquarium that you desire. Phone us today for a quote.

Repairs to cracked or leaking aquariums done on site.

We also have the largest range of Acrylic Aquariums in Australia in all shapes and sizes.

We import our own All-In-One aquariums in colours, shapes and sizes nowhere else available in Australia . Columns, Round, Piano, Half Octagonal, Concaves, Convexed, Round Corners, Bullet Room Dividers, Picture Frames, you name it we've got it!


We manufacture and custom make any size & shape vivarium & furniture that you may desire for your lizards, snakes, tortoises & frogs.

We have in stock on the floor, several different shapes and sizes including round octagonals up to 6 ft tall , corner units up to 3 ft & half octagonals 4 ft high with fitted rock waterfalls or rock backgrounds.

We also have a full range of the new URS imported vivariums in all colours with their matching furniture and a full range of the URS reptile accessories.

We make all vivariums with easy access doors for handling and the cleaning of your pet. Ventilation, heating and lighting can all be built in to the unit at a fantastic package price.

Delivery and installation can be arranged.


We manufacture our own aquarium & vivarium furniture to the highest standard and quality from solid timbers, not veneered or chipboard.

We manufacture several different styles of furniture, traditional solid pine stands & colonial pine cabinets & hoods and our own exclusive scroll, trojan & coffee table units. We can make furniture to suit any decor from country, contemporary to ultra modern.

Furniture can be supplied raw or we have a professional staining, polishing or painting service in store. Colour samples are on show in store and colour matching to your existing furniture is also available.

Our hoods are designed to fold back away from the aquarium or vivarium with a full length brass piano hinge so as feeding, cleaning and maintenance is made easy and you are not working over the timber and damaging the hood.

Because of our many years of experience with aquariums, Simple things like our hood design has put us above all other Aquarium furniture manufacturerFup>