Everything that you could ever need or dream of for your aquarium, we have in stock.

We have a full range of dry, frozen & live foods. Medications, chemicals & test kits available in most popular brands.

We have many types of filtration available: internal power, cannister, air operated , biological, trickle, hang on, protein skimmers, refrigeration units (chillers/heaters) & U.V. Sterilisers. Many brands and models to choose from.

We have air pumps & air blowers to suit the small hobbyist through to the serious fish breeder and aquarist.

Full range of lighting, LED, fluoros, metal halides, ultra violet & Reptile globes available.

Our heating range is extensive for aquariums and vivariums. We have everything from submersible & in-line heaters for your aquarium to heating cords, pads, rocks and lights for your vivarium.

We have a huge range of ornaments, a complete room from floor to ceiling stocked full of Air Operated, Resin, Ceramic, Terracotta, Life Like Rubber Coral & a new range of underwater L.E.D. Titanics, Light Houses, Windmills and other ornaments.

Massive selection of books available for the novice to experienced aquariast on all species of fish, reptiles and amphibians, ponds and watergardens.