At Fish Haven we have Australia's largest range of quality Coldwater, Fancy Goldfish, Natives, Tropicals, Cichlids, Marines & Invertebrates.

Also specialising in Exotic & Rare Fish, Crocodiles, Water Snakes, Pythons & Lizards, Marron & Yabbies, Tortoises, Frogs, Tadpoles, Axolotls, Salamanders, Hermit Crabs & Seahorses just to name a few!

As we are Australia's largest Aquarium Centre our suppliers supply us top quality "A" grade fish, plants and rare & Exotic Species. Because of our many years of experience in the industry we have many suppliers of fish and plants that other stores are not even aware of. We are also fully licensed dealer for permit reptiles.

We can help you with everything from, fish for your goldfish bowl or aquarium, Tropical Community, Discus, South American or African Cichlid tank, Australian Natives large or small & all of your Marine, Coral & Invertebrates.

Live plants are our specialty, we have the largest range in Australia, as we stock all of our aquariums with beautiful fresh live plants weekly. Not just 1 or 2 tanks to choose from but hundreds! Rare species of plants that you will not see anywhere else.

Aquarium consults, installation and maintenance service available. Please phone us for more details.