Now that's a store!


Fish Haven is Australia's largest privately owned Aquarium Centre. We are a husband and wife team with a combined experience in the industry of over 50 years.

Fish Haven has a showroom of over 1000 square metres. We are a retail store and wholesale to other aquarium stores.

We have over 400 aquariums, with coldwater, fancy goldfish, tropical, cichlids, natives, marine fish & invertebrates. Other large displays include crocodiles, water dragons, water snakes & pythons.

We also stock tortoises, permit & non permit reptiles, frogs & tadpoles, axolotls & salamanders, hermit crabs & seahorses.

We manufacture and custom make glass and acrylic aquariums, vivariums and furniture. Our aquariums are made from new glass not secondhand, and are fully braced and reinforced correctly.

We can confidently say that we make the best aquariums in Australia . Our furniture is all handmade from the best quality solid timbers, we do NOT use veneered timbers or chipboard. We stain & polish to match existing furniture & have a large range of colour samples to choose from. We have more aquatic plants to choose from than any other store in Australia.